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Sirokko E 50Hot Air GeneratorsUsage areasHigh efficiency, Easy to assemble and execute, Long life, Electronic ignition system, Homogeneously heat distribution in a short time, Economic, Investment and operating costs are lower than the heating system with boiler and tubing system
  • Device: Sirokko
  • Model: E 50
  • Fuel Type: Electricity
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Design and ErgonomicsIt warms up your spaces with its technology and adds harmony and elegance to your spaces with its eye-catching design. Feel the perfection.
Economical and PracticalThey are the most economical and correct solution hot air generators for large volume spaces where ambient air should be heated. These products blow hot into the environment letting air pass through heat exchangers. Hot air generators are very comfortable, especially for non-high-ceiling businesses, and heat generation is a cost-effective solution as it is built in the desired space to be heated in contrast to the classical methods.
Safety SystemSafety system with light warning in case of malfunction. Heat shield that narrows the ceiling suspension distance and provides thermal insulation.
Optional Digital and Manual Room Thermostat You can keep the area to be heated at the desired temperature continuously thanks to the room thermostat. In this way, you will have a more comfortable and economical atmosphere by preventing negative situations such as more or less heating.
Remote ControllerBuilt-in remote control for convenient and easy operation.
Technical Specifications


Technical Features
Model Sirokko E 50
Electrical Connection kW 48
Power Supply V 380 V 50 Hz - 3P+N+PE
Circuit Breaker A 80
Air Flow m³/sa 4.800
 Fan Diameter  mm 450
Noise Level dBA 53
Cable Cross-Section* mm² 5*16
Width (A) mm 780
Height (B) mm 550
Depth (C) mm 930
Heating Area 200-400


*Cable cross sections are calculated for a maximum length of 50 m.

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As Panera Engineering, we supply the quality and more cost-effectively with 100% domestic production instead of imported products in the heating sector. We have become one of the leading manufacturers in the heating sector in a short time. We attach great importance to R & D and quality. By developing products in line with the needs of our consumers, we always keep customer satisfaction above all our interests. We are proud to contribute to the economy of our country.
DESIGN and PERFORMANCEIt warms up your spaces with its technology and adds harmony and elegance to your spaces with its eye-catching design. Feel the perfection.
OPTIONBuilt-in remote control for convenient and easy operation. With the low or high step burning system, the desired temperature comfort can be provided easily according to the temperature of the air.
LONG LIFEIt provides many years of trouble-free operation without the need for special maintenance programs. It is economical, investment and operating costs boiler and piping etc. it is lower than the requirement.
QUALITYAll materials used consist of 1st class materials. We have never compromised on quality, including all apparatus and software.
TRUST AND CONSERVATIONWe did not avoid anything in order to provide confidence and protection while designing all kinds of negativities.
ECONOMICToday it is much more economical than electric heaters. It consumes less power, you pay less and you warm up more.
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